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Job description

We are looking for 5 students with different backgrounds ( Developer, UX Designer, Product Designer, Business Designer, Service Designer) who will form our Hive student lab team. 

What is the Hive project about?

We don't know yet! All we know is that the Hive team will be responsible for driving a user-centered design process to explore a defined opportunity space together with a partner company and develop a digital service. 

The process usually follows Humblebee's way of working:

  • Starting with rapid field research to understand the user's needs and pains, which hopefully opens a gap in the market where we can develop a digital service. 
  • Then using an array of user journey creation tools and ideation techniques we build prioritized prototypes that are visually ready for testing. 
  • To validate our prototypes as effectively and quickly as possible we test on real users and make sure we get the most valuable feedback possible. 
  • Based upon our user testings & findings we are able to pivot and iterate our prototype accordingly.
  • Simultaneously with our prototyping process, we start designing a business model to make sure the idea has concrete financial foundations.
  • The Hive project should end up not with a minimum viable product (MVP) but a minimum delightful product. We ensure our MVP’s are MDP’s. Pixel sharp and crafted with care.

Although you - the Hivers - are responsible for the process, you will get the best support from the rest of the Humblebee staff. The Hive team have their desks right in the heart of the Humblebee office and every Hiver is assigned a personal mentor for the entire Hive journey. The mentors are all senior Humblebee staff, allocated to match your competence (service design, UX, dev, data scientist etc.).

Practical stuff

The internship spans from August 26th to January 20th and we try to tailor the workload to fit what you simultaneously need to do for your education. 

For example, we have had Hivers working 75% in the project and have 25% time for their thesis creation. In that way, they can write a master thesis based on the Hive project. This internship requires your presence at our office in Gothenburg for the first 2.5 months 3 times per week, and after that, it could involve a hybrid schedule. Please note that this is an unpaid internship.

We handle applications when they come in and are presently interviewing candidates, so apply soon to take up this unique opportunity. Humblebee is a multi-lingual company so please write your application in English. We're looking forward to your application!

Want to know more?

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