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Job description

At Zoios, we are on a mission to create the everyday that employees deserve. To empower people to be their sustainable best self, we are building an intuitive People & Culture platform, that give employees and leaders the best chance to perform while flourishing mentally. Founded in 2021, Zoios has become the platform of choice for hundreds of high-impact companies to build a strong culture with a people first mindset.

Zoios was set up as an office-first company from the beginning. Today, we are located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides location we are united by ruthless prioritisation, a belief to give people what they need, not what they want, and a passion for mental health. We are all makers at heart and care deeply about the quality of our work.

At its core, Zoios is a workflow and analytics tool for HR & leadership where intuitive data visualisation and workflows are paramount. We care deeply about design. For us, it’s both how it works and how it looks. We are designing Zoios to be super intuitive, yet functional and aesthetically pleasing. We expect a broad set of design skills and the ability to create high-quality designs, interactions, and prototypes. As the Product Designer, you'll join a Product team consisting of a Product Manager and two software engineers. You will be expected to review and build new processes and show the way forward for design.

Office location: Rådhusstræde 6, 1466 København.

Start date: April-May, 2024

Deadline: We will look at applications on a rolling basis, but last day to apply is 15th of March, 2023.

What We Expect

  • Several years of experience from high-caliber design or product teams.
  • Experience designing interactive applications.
  • Great Visual, UI, and Interactions skills.

What You Will Do

  • Contribute to and challenge the overall product and design direction of the company.
  • Design features and improvements that ship quickly and with high quality.
  • Create flows, prototypes and high-fidelity visuals for your features.
  • Work closely with engineers and Product manager to ensure high-quality implementations.
  • Run user research projects to validate or falsify hypotheses.
  • Evaluate, test and understand user experience, to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Who You Are

  • You find yourself coming up with a lot of new ideas or ways to improve existing elements.
  • You see how things are connected.
  • You enjoy finding a fresh perspective, discovering a new opportunity, or finding a different solution.
  • You are a great communicator and enjoy expressing yourself.
  • You play with metaphors and image when you explain concepts or stories.

What Will Make You Do Amazing Work While Thriving

  • A blank canvas does not frighten you, but gives you a feeling of opportunity and excitement.
  • You love to get work done and move on to a new project, but at the same time ideas for improving existing work naturally comes to you.
  • You are a curious individual that loves the process of collecting new information and knowledge - and you are good at it. You are driven by understanding things and new topics.
  • You have a good intuition to see how different things can coming together in the future and are often positive about this.

The Product Team

You will become a part of a dedicated and passionate Product team, consisting of the Product Manager (PM) and two brilliant Software Engineers. You will be working closely with the PM, around the Design, UR, UI and UX, as well as collaborate with the Software Engineers around the specs and iterations. We will make sure you have the necessary guidance and conditions you need to do great, with that you will have a lot of freedom to be creative and take responsibility.

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