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Junior Graphic Designer - [Full Remote]

Job description

Our goal is to help every recent graduate worldwide find a job that aligns with their ambitions: join us to make the aspirations of a community of over 650,000 users come true!

Would you like to work as a 'Graphic Designer' in a rapidly growing startup? If you graduated within the last 2 years (even without experience) and are ready for a new adventure, keep reading!

We offer a 6 months paid contract ($80,000 per year). You can work remotely full-time, we'll provide you with a latest-generation MacBook Pro, and you can continually enhance your skills through on-the-job training, online courses, and participation in international events.


You will take care of:

Designing Graphic Materials: Alongside the Senior Graphic Designer, you will work on creating attractive graphic materials, including flyers, brochures, banners, and promotional materials. You will have the opportunity to express your creativity and bring the company's visual ideas to life.

Creating Content for Social Media: Collaborating with the Social Media Manager, you will contribute to crafting engaging graphics for social media platforms, helping to build a visually appealing online presence. You will learn to adapt designs to the diverse needs of social media platforms.

Development of Corporate Visual Identity: You will collaborate on developing and strengthening the company's visual identity, ensuring consistency and recognizability across various materials and communication channels. This will provide you with the opportunity to contribute to positioning the brand in the market.

Collaboration with the Creative Team: Working closely with the creative team, you will collaborate on multidisciplinary projects. You will have the chance to learn from other design professionals and contribute to the creative ideas of the team.

UX/UI of Joinrs' Website and App: You will support Joinrs' UX/UI Designer in optimizing the user experience of the Joinrs' app and website.

Participation in Brainstorming Sessions: You will be involved in brainstorming sessions to generate creative and innovative ideas. This stimulating activity will offer you the opportunity to share your ideas and contribute to the company's creative process.

Maintenance and Organization of the Graphic Archive: You will be tasked with organizing and maintaining the company's graphic archive, ensuring easy accessibility to graphic resources. You will learn to efficiently manage files and maintain an organized workflow.


What We Offer:

Working in the Joinrs team means being able to choose the best psychophysical conditions for tranquility and productivity. This translates into:

Remote working and flexibility. You'll have the opportunity to work remotely full-time, but you can also use one of our offices.

Dynamic work environment. Our offices remain open, providing shared workspaces, meeting rooms, break areas, and a bar with fresh fruit and various snacks. You'll also find a foosball table and a gaming station. We aim for an informal work environment that encourages shared moments, always respecting individual activities.

Team building & fun. We frequently organize aperitifs, games, and leisure moments, which are integral parts of life at Joinrs, both inside and outside the office.

Company welfare. We guarantee you a company welfare package that meets your expectations.

Tech pack. You'll use advanced software and modern technologies, and you'll be provided with the latest-generation MacBook.

Training. You'll always have a mentor in your Joinrs journey, acting as a reference for both technical and team aspects. We ensure constant professional growth with progressively increasing responsibilities. You can participate in industry events and training courses, along with continuous education on the best e-learning platforms.

Social Impact. Your contribution will support thousands of recent graduates in finding the job they aspire to.


Who We Are:

Our mission is to support every recent graduate in achieving their ambitions, allowing them to embark on their new career with the optimism of a clear perspective.

We are a united team that strongly believes in teamwork: together, we work, discuss, and achieve results that inspire us to reach increasingly ambitious goals.

Our community has over 650,000 members in Italy, the UK, Spain, Brazil, France, Portugal, and Germany, including 250 companies such as PwC, Unilever, Gi Group, Danone, Siemens. It's growing exponentially - join us!


Contract & Compensation:

This position offers a 6-month paid contract with a salary of $80,000 yearly, aiming for a permanent contract.

The annual base salary is $80,000 (USD) which will be prorated based on internship start and end date. Actual compensation offered to the successful candidate may vary from posted hiring based upon geographic location, work experience, education, and/or skill level, among other things.

Salary reviews are scheduled every six months, with your compensation increasing rapidly as you gain experience and translate it into a more significant impact.


Selection Process:

CV Screening: The first step is a curriculum vitae (CV) screening (usually within 20 days of application).

Phone Interview: The second step involves a 15-minute phone interview with our HR Manager.

Video Interview: The final step is a video interview with both the HR Manager and your future supervisor, lasting at least 45 minutes.


Why Join Our Team?

Social Impact: You'll have the opportunity to support our community in realizing their ambitions, as well as your own.

Successful Startup: Joinrs was selected among the top 10 startups globally at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

Exponential Personal Growth: You'll have the opportunity for exponential growth, both in hard and soft skills, thanks to a training program based on on-the-job training and online support.

Please let the company know that you found this position on this Job Board as a way to support us, so we can keep posting cool jobs.

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