Senior Product Designer

Job description

About the role

As a Senior Product Designer, you'll be at the heart of innovation, spearheading the development of diverse assessment types – from knowledge to experience-based – and exploring new ways to question and engage. This role is your chance to shape the future of assessments, crafting solutions in the uncharted territory of design and assessment.

About your team

Become a vital part of our European Gemini team, a blend of seasoned Workera professionals and fresh talent. This team is at the forefront of revolutionizing the assessment experience, enabling our users to showcase their expertise in their chosen domains. This role is ideally for someone in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, or Portugal.

What You’ll Do:

Within 3 months, you will:

  • Help lead the team on the strategic direction of the assessment experience.
  • Closely collaborate with the product manager, responsible for shaping projects, and the engineering manager for planning.
  • Closely collaborate with developers on the scope and complexity of upcoming features.
  • Become familiar with the Shape Up process.

Within 6 months, you will:

  • Implement improvements in the design process based on your assessment in the first three months.
  • Start to prototype and test innovative design solutions that could enhance user experience or open new avenues for the product.
  • Establish a regular cadence of communication with key stakeholders to update on design initiatives, gather feedback, and ensure alignment.

Within 9 months, you will:

  • Lead by example in fostering a collaborative environment where team members feel empowered to contribute ideas and take initiative.
  • Look for ways to leverage emerging technologies or methodologies that could further enhance the product's user experience.
  • Set ambitious goals for the next phase, focusing on areas where design can drive significant value for users and the business.

*Please note as we are a dynamic and quickly growing scale-up, things are always subject to change*

⚒️ What You'll bring

  • Experienced. You have a proven track record of collaborating with a product team to ship successful products for several years and work on products people depend on..
  • A Craftsperson. You care deeply and over-invest in well-crafted interaction and visual design that makes the customer experience feel human, helpful and delightful. You think beyond your area and obsess with customer needs. You leverage prototyping skills (HTML/CSS/JS a plus) to articulate your designs, especially in cases where interactions may be particularly nuanced.
  • An owner. You take full ownership of your work and take responsibility for every last detail and step from initial concept to final implementation.
  • Opportunistic. You are comfortable using quantitative and qualitative insights to guide our product focus. You can define and justify meaningful opportunities based on business outcomes. You have a proven ability to deliver excellent UI/UX even with scale limitations.
  • A problem solver. You can think about the forest and the trees. Workera is taking a novel approach to enabling companies to have continuously updated skill data and you relish the opportunity to clarify vision. You leverage data to make decisions.
  • Determined and scrappy. You don’t give up easily. You take initiative and proactively get things done in an ambiguous environment or situation.
  • Excited about skill development. As a plus, you have experience with Learning Technologies and/or Enterprise. Proficiency in utilizing AI tools such as ChatGPT or equivalent digital assistants, and applying them effectively within your work context.
  • Proficiency in utilizing AI tools such as ChatGPT or equivalent digital assistants and applying them effectively within your work context.


Workera is a fast-growing, Series B Silicon Valley start-up redefining how enterprises understand, develop, and mobilize talent. Workera’s skills intelligence platform empowers leaders to make better, more informed talent development decisions. Utilizing computational psychometrics and deep learning, Workera delivers best-in-class computer adaptive assessments with hyper-personalized learning plans to companies across all industries. Global organizations, including Samsung, Siemens Energy, and the US Air Force, use the platform to intelligently invest in and support their talent.

Our founder is Kian Katanforoosh, an award-winning Stanford Computer Science Lecturer who has taught AI to over 1 million people and our Chairman is Dr. Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera (NYSE: COUR), CEO of DeepLearning.AI, and founding lead of the Google Brain project.

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