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Join Fabric’s expanding Product Design team as we embark on an ambitious journey to develop a groundbreaking platform for the Media & Entertainment industry. We're seeking a skilled Product Designer with a profound understanding of the entertainment realm and a dedication to simplifying user workflows and experiences. In this role, you'll be instrumental in crafting a stunning, user-friendly portal that will serve as an essential tool for industry professionals in their daily tasks and objectives. Seize this unparalleled opportunity to stand at the crossroads of entertainment, technology and innovation, constructing an entire platform from scratch. This venture offers a unique, thrilling chance to make a career-defining impact. Embrace the possibility of revolutionizing the entertainment technology landscape, creating something entirely novel and pioneering new industry standards. Description We are in search of the ideal candidate who combines a passion for crafting elegant user experiences with a demonstrated ability to resolve complex interaction challenges across diverse platforms. This individual should exhibit meticulous attention to detail, blending a robust mix of interaction and visual design expertise. Proficiency in conducting user research as required, along with a deep understanding of user-centered design principles, is essential. The ideal applicant will have a natural inclination towards maintaining consistency, with a sophisticated sense of color usage, typography, and an eye for the nuances in design details. The role demands the timely delivery of outputs, working under stringent deadlines while collaborating with a team of diverse cross-functional stakeholders. Essential attributes include strong teamwork abilities, maintaining composure under pressure, and adaptability to swift changes. Paramount to this position is a candidate who aligns with Fabric’s elevated standards and intrinsic design ethos. Key Qualifications A portfolio of work that showcases excellence in interaction design, visual design, and problem solving. Expertise designing large-scale enterprise, B2B, or data-rich internal tools. Prior experience designing software developer-facing portals or consoles is a plus. Outstanding ability to communicate your ideas to designers, engineers, product managers, and leadership through storytelling, visuals, and presentations. Expertise in creating or utilizing design and component toolkits and design systems that enable rapid development. Able to work independently and in a team environment. Experience in designing applications that utilize third party integrated components. (Eg: Sign Up, Billing, etc.) Able to confidently lead and present a design-first vision, balancing highly technical data constructs and demanding user requirements. 5+ years of design experience with a focus on large screen web and responsive interfaces. Ability to clearly communicate concepts and designs through sketches, wireframes, high fidelity comps, and prototypes, using Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Keynote, and similar tools. Expertise documenting interaction details, visual design specifications, and QA of the implemented product. Flexible and comfortable with ambiguity and change during a project. Personal Characteristics We are on a dynamic and ambitious journey, aiming to launch an innovative product within a tight timeframe. In light of this, we are seeking a Product Designer who is not just skilled and experienced, but also possesses specific personal characteristics crucial for this mission: Determined and Resilient

  • You should possess an unwavering determination to succeed. The ability to stay focused on end goals, regardless of the challenges and obstacles, is key. Your resilience in the face of adversity and high-pressure situations will be a driving force in our journey. Goal-Oriented
  • Your approach should be inherently goal-driven, with a clear vision of what needs to be achieved. You are someone who sets high standards, not just for the product, but for your personal performance, consistently striving to exceed these benchmarks. Fast-Paced and Agile
  • The rapid development cycle demands someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment. You should be agile, able to adapt quickly to changing requirements, and capable of making smart decisions on the go. Proactive and Self-Motivated
  • We value team members who take initiative and are self-starters. Your proactive attitude will be crucial in identifying challenges, proposing solutions, and driving the project forward without needing constant oversight. Collaborative yet Independent
  • While teamwork is at the heart of our operations, the ability to work independently, take ownership, and lead initiatives is equally important. You should be able to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams while also driving individual components of the project. Passionate about Innovation
  • A genuine passion for creating cutting-edge solutions in the entertainment sector is a must. Your enthusiasm for innovation will not only reflect in your work but also inspire those around you. We believe that these personal characteristics, combined with your professional skills, will contribute significantly to our ambitious goal. If you are ready to embrace this challenge and be part of a groundbreaking project, we would love to hear from you. Working Requirements Due to the collaborative and dynamic nature of this project, this position necessitates on-site working with the project team at our London office, ensuring the highest level of communication and team synergy. We kindly request only direct applications from individuals who can commit to working on-site; please note that we are not accepting applications from agencies or recruiters for this role.

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